Driver free 1.1.1

Go back to the 70s via the 90s in this classic driving game


  • Perfect conversion
  • Good soundtrack


  • Dull gameplay
  • Feels really old

Not bad

This program can no longer be downloaded. You can look for alternatives in iPhone > Mobile Games > Racing Games.

Driver is a 3D game where you play expert getaway driver Tanner, through a series of missions investigating the mafia family the Castaldi family.

When it came out in 1999 on the PlayStation, Grand Theft Auto was still a 2D game, and Driver seemed really impressive with its open world and cool 70s soundtrack. However, despite some polishing up from the folks at Gameloft, Driver hasn't stood the test of time well.

The city looks bare, and the driving is too slow by today's standards. Doing repeated A to B missions just isn't that fun after a short while, even when being chased by the cops. The three radio stations get repetitive quickly, and the sound effects are grating. In terms of controls, Driver works very well. As an iPhone version of Driver, this is absolutely perfect, it's just that Driver isn't all that hot in 2010.

If you're a massive fan of Driver, you'll love having it in your pocket. However, it's difficult to recommend a game that's well past its sell-by date



Driver free 1.1.1

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